It is the responsibility of the club to ensure they do not play a footballer under suspension. The details listed below is for information only and not to be taken as official advice.

Corrib RangersBrian O'Halloran24/05/171 x Game
AthenryMichael O'Halloran24/05/171 x Game
AthenryJoey Burke24/05/171 x Game
Loughrea RamsIan Hanrahan24/05/171 x Game
Salthill DevonJames whelan24/05/171 x Game
Corrib CelticKevin Moylan24/05/171 x Game
Galway HibsRonan Caldwell18/05/171 x Game + 2 games
Corrib Celtic Justin O'Flaherty07/05/171 x Game
Loughrea RamsAdam Kavanagh17/05/173 x Games
CorofinLiam Connolly10/05/173 x Games
Galway HibsRonan Ariguzo10/05/173 x Games
Corrib RangersPatrick Donovan10/05/173 x Games
ColemanstownAlan Finn03/05/171 x Game
ColemanstownJason Finn03/05/171 x Game
Salthill DevonBrian Gaffney03/05/171 x Game
Mervue UtdTommy Walsh03/05/171 x Game
West utdJimmy Jennings26/04/171 x Game
Craughwell UtdIan Prendergast26/04/171 x Game
Salthill DevonJames Whelan26/04/171 x Game
West UtdBarry McEntee26/04/171 x Game +1 x Game
Cregmore/ClaregalwayBarry Higgins26/04/171 x Game + 2 x Games
Galway HiberniansVictor Tuchilus26/04/171 x Game +2 x games
Galway HiberniansEvan Deacy26/04/171 x Game
Mervue UtdDavid O'Boyle19/04/171 x Game
Corrib RangersBrian Connolly19/04/171 x Game
MacDaraDarragh Thornton12/04/171 x Game
Kinvara UtdPaul Canning12/04/173 x Months
Kinvara UtdRory Travis12/04/173 x Months
Corrib RangersRonan Sweeney12/04/171 x Game
Dynamo BluesAdrian Dawid12/04/171 x Game
Galway HibsNathan Ward12/04/171 x Game
Galway HibsRonan Caldwell12/04/171 Game
RenmoreColm Ridge12/04/173 x Games
St PatricksLiam Dalton12/04/173 x Games
Galway HiberniansAlan Flanagan5/04/173 Calender Months
CregmoreLiam McDonagh5/04/175 x Games
West Coast UtdIan Batley5/04/171 x Auto + 1 game
KinvaraRory Travis5/04/171 x Auto
ClaregalwayAnto Ninic5/04/171 x Game
AthenryRoger Cronin29/03/172 Months
Galway HibsTJ Sweeney29/01/171 x Game
Salthill DevonAdam Nolan19/03/171 x Game
KinvaraRory Travis1/03/171 x Game effective 6/03/17
AthenryGary Delaney1/03/171 x Game effective 06/03/17
Maree/OranmoreThomas Breslin1/03/171 x Game effective 25/02/17 Plus 2 x Games effective 6/03/17
West UtdJason McPhilbin1/03/171 x Game effective 25/02/17 Plus 2 x Games effective 6/03/17
West Coast UtdArzel Geoghegan1/03/171 x Game
West Coast UtdCooper Johnson1/03/171 x Game
MacDaraEamonn Lynch22/02/171 x Game
AthenryColm O'Donovan22/02/171 x Game
AthenryJames Farrell22/02/171 x Game
West UtdBarry McEntee22/02/171 x Game
West UtdJohn Mulligan22/02/171 x Game
NUIGPatrick Casey22/02/171 x Game
Salthill DevonAli Thiam22/02/171  xGame
Moyne VillaDillon Sweeney23/02/171 x Game
Mervue UtdSimon Walsh22/02/171 x Game
Mervue UtdCalvin Toye23/02/171 x Game
Mervue UtdJohn Moran23/02/171 x Game
Medtronic/Merlin WAodh McFarlane23/02/171 x Game
Corrib Ranger CJonny O'Brien8/02/171 x Game
Corrib RangersConor Cleary8/02/171 x Game
KnocknacarraAodh Bohan8/02/171 x Game
KnocknacarraCraig Kineen8/02/171 x Game
Galway BohsJimmy McDaid8/02/171 x Game
Mervue UtdCasper Zatonski8/02/171 x Game
Mervue UtdRyan Corcoran8/02/171 x Game
Galway BohemiansJason Merrigan1/02/171 x Game
Maree/OranmoreDamien Lafferty1/02/171 x Game
Moyne VillaNiall Cunningham1/02/171 x Game
Mervue UtdDermot Ward1/02/171 x Game  +1 x Game
Mervue UtdEoin Concannon1/02/171 x Game
Mervue utdCiaran Foley1/02/171 x Game
Claregalway CelticJohn Doheny1/02/171 x Game
Galway HiberniansDamien Carter1/02/171 x Game
Galway BohemiansIan Finally1/02/171 x Game
OughterardCiaran Hanley1/02/171 x Game
KinvaraSean Costino21/01/171 x Game
Cois FharraigeColm Thornton14/01/171 x Game + 1 x Game
RenmoreJason Lydon21/01/171 x Game
KnocknacarraShane Browne22/01/171 x Game
Tuam CelticCarl Ward21/01/171 x Game
St. PatricksRichie Molloy22/01/171 x game + 2 (two) Games
Galway HiberniansRonan Caldwell25/01/171 x Game
Galway HiberniansKeith Ward25/01/171 x Game
St. BernardsDarren Finn25/01/171 x Game
Maree/OranmoreRonan Bradley21/01/171 x Game
St. BernardsBrian Collins20/01/171 x Game
Salthill DevonBreen Geraghty20/01/171 x Game
KiltullaghStephen Creaven11/01/171 x Automatic effective 17/12/16+ Two (2) effective 16/01/17
Salthill DevonEugene Greaney11/01/171 x Automatic
Dynamo BluesKlereus Rodrigues11/01/171 x Automatic 
East UtdMark Dowling14/12/161 x Automatic Immediate
ColemanstownSean Hardiman14/12/161 x Automatic Immediate
Corrib CelticKevin Moylan14/12/161 x Automatic Immediate
Galway HibsCathal Walsh14/12/161 x Game Automatic + 2 additional games at same level
OughterardJames Walsh14/12/161 x Game Automatic
Salthill DevonTommy Kilduff08/12/161 x Automatic
Loughrea RamsPat Nagel08/12/161 x Automatic at same level
Loughrea Ramsgavin Shaughnessy08/12/161 x Automatic at same level
Dynamo BluesEanna Donnellan1/12/161 x Game Automatic + 2 additional games at same level immediate
Dynamo BluesRyan Keane1/12/161 x Game Automatic immediate
Dynamo BluesMark Sweeney1/12/161 x Game Automatic immediate
ColgaDaniel McDonagh30/11/161 x Automatic
Galway BohemiansMike Carr30/11/161 x Automatic
Maree/OranmoreJohn Latchford24/11/161 x Automatic Same Level
ColgaFionn Kiely24/11/161 x Automatic
LoughreaGary Madden24/11/161 x Automatic
Tuam CelticJohn Davin24/11/161 x Automatic
Tuam CelticCJ Enaholo24/11/161 x Automatic + 2 additional games at same level
KiltullaghJohn Keane24/11/161 match to run consecutive with existing suspension
KiltullaghJohn Keane24/11/161 x Automatic
Corrib CelticMike O'Malley 20/10/16 3 Months 
Corrib CelticKeith Melia 20/10/16 1 x Auto 
Craughwell UtdIain Prendergast 20/10/16 1 x Auto 
NUI GalwayRonan Downey 20/10/16 1 x Auto + 2 Games 
Loughrea RamsAdrian Madden13/10/161 x Auto
West UtdMickey O'Toole13/10/161 x Auto
NUI GalwayAdam Duffy13/10/161 x Auto + 1 Game
KnocknacarraDarcy Ngodjo13/10/161 Auto + 2 Games
KnocknacarraAodh Bohan13/10/161 Auto + 1 game
Corrib CelticMike O'Malley29/09/161 x Automatic
Craughwell UtdMike Naughton29/09/161 x Automatic
Dynamo BluesGerald Kelly29/09/161 x Automatic
Galway BohsDean Lydon29/09/161 game auto + 1 at same level
West Coast UtdRobert Cannon22/09/161 x Game same level
CregmoreJamie Tarpey23/09/161 x Automatic + 2 games at same level
Corrib CelticKeith Greaney22/09/161 x Automatic
West UtdKeith Lee22/09/161x Automatic + 2 Additional games
Mac DaraDarren Connolly22/09/161 Automatic
RenmorePaddy Gannon15/09/161x Automatic + 2 additional at same level
MacDaraSimon McCormack15/09/16! x Automatic same level
CraughwellIan Prendergast09/09/161xAutomatic +1 additional
AthenryAaron Van Knierkerk09/09/161xAuto + 2 Additional
Cregmore/ClaregalwayDarragh Morrissey07/09/161 x Automatic
Corrib RangersMartin O'Connor04/09/161 X Automatic + 2 Additional games
Kiltullagh PioneersNiall Quinn04/09/161 x Automatic
Dynamo BluesVinnie Carton28/08/161x Automatic
Galway HibsGary Kelly26/05/161 Automatic game
Salthill DevonPaul Scally18/05/161 Automatic
NUI GalwayDeclan McHugh18/05/161 Automatic
NUI GalwaySean Gavin18/05/161 Automatic + 1 at same level
Galway BohsJason Merrigan18/05/161 Automatic + 1 Additional
Galway HibsGary Kelly12/05/161 Automatic
Corrib RangersMartin O'Connor12/05/161 Automatic
Corrib RangersKevin Fitzpatrick12/05/161 Automatic + 1 Additional
Corrib RangersBrian Connolly12/05/161 Automatic + 2 Additional
Salthill DevonJose Garcia12/05/161 Automatic +2 Additional
Loughrea RamsPaddy Doak05/05/161 Auto +1 Additional
Galway HibsShane Gallagher05/05/161 Automatic Immediate
Corrib CelticJustin Flaherty05/05/161 Automatic Immediate
Corrib CelticSean Flaherty05/05/161 Automatic Immediate
Corrib RangersDave Smith05/05/16Three Months
NUI GalwayBarry Johnson05/05/161 Automatic Immediate
NUI GalwaySean Gavin05/05/161 Automatic Immediate
NUI GalwayIan Kent05/05/161 Automatic Immediate