New Competition Layout for

  • Sep 08,2022

The Galway FA have refreshed their competition displays with Sportlomo for this season, there are some added features this year which we will detail below

1. A Competition list has been added to the menu, this will list all competitions in the Galway FA backend, competitions can be searched by Age Grade, Season and be searched individually by free-typing in the name, eg U12. This menu can be found at  COMPETITIONS LISTING – Galway Football Association ( 

2. To make information easier to find we have split the competition into 4 tabs, Fixtures / Results / Tables and Form...…supporters can switch between them by clicking the tabs

3. The clubs logo, the clubs name and the competition name are all linked up so that the supporter can easily find the match and league detail they are searching for

4. To make the match details more consistent and display easier on tablet and mobile phones we have used icons - hover over the icons to see the information

5. If the supporters is interested in seeing his own clubs details - just click on the club name and it will bring you to a page showing details for that club, use the icons to switch between seeing match details, club location, social media etc

6. The competition details should look well on mobile phone and tablets, almost 85% of the traffic to the website is from phones and tablets

Very soon Sportlomo will be launching mobile apps for the Galway FA where clubs and supporters will be able to favorite their competitions and clubs to make finding what they need even easier